Deaf Awareness Mask (limited edition)
  • Deaf Awareness Mask (limited edition)
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In her weekly Live Videos Giada Valenti is contributing to Deaf Awareness by learning and showing her viewers different ASL signs, thanks to the help of ASL expert Diane Fiorentino. Giada was made aware by Diane last March, at the beginning of this unprecedented pandemic situation, on how people with hearing loss often rely on lip reading, and how with the proliferation of masks, had seriously effected their ability to understand and follow conversations. Giada decided to learn some ASL signs to create awareness with her viewers. Thanks to Diane and Cathy Avitto Surdo, Giada is offering a (limited edition) mask that helps to contribute to Deaf Awareness. All proceeds goes to promoting Deaf Awareness. If you have specific questions about deafness and communication, you can also contact Diane Fiorentino directly at

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