My favorite things

I'm Italian, born and raised. It might not surprise you that I'm passionate about product that are made in my home country Italy.



Isola d'Elba Home Diffuser

A fresh scent in my whole home

Although this brand was founded on the island of Elba, I first found it when I stayed at a hotel in Florence (Firenze).

In the United States you can find this at the Mozzafiato store. Price $89.00


Matilde Vicenzi Vanilla Cream puff pastries

I love to give those when I have guests

With their crispness and delicate flavor, the puff pastries are the symbol of Matilde Vicenzi’s fine Italian pastry tradition. Made with real homemade butter, the dough is repeatedly folded and rolled to reach pastry perfection!

In the United States you can find these at Amazon. Price for pack of three $14.99